Personalized Wedding Anniversary Canvas Word Art

So honestly, if you said to me as little as three years ago that I would be in the wedding anniversary gifts business, I would probably have given you a wry smile and said something like, “yes of course, that's exactly right! How did you know?” The irony of the matter is I'd be eating those words straight off the surface of one of our word art canvas prints!

Fact is – we started designing Busblinds (don't worry I didn't know what that was at the time either) at about that time. We soon discovered that there were a world of people out there that were looking for gifts that were truly unique, but just did not know that they were looking for Busblinds or Canvas Word Art, primarily because they were oblivious to it's existence.

So Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas was born out of the requests of wonderful customers that were looking for unique gifts for their special someone.

What I love about doing what we do is the 'feel good' factor. When we get wonderful feedback from customers that were initially stumped for a wedding anniversary gift it warms my heart to hear how well it was received. What makes these wedding anniversary gifts so special and unique is that each person, each couple has their very own story that is the journey of their lives together.

So each of our designs is as unique as the customer that requested it. There simply are no others like the one that they request. Have a look at our Wedding Anniversary Gift gallery to get a good idea of what a special gift idea this really is.

Hi Colleen.
Our canvas busblind looks fantastic. We are absolutely thrilled
with it.
Thank you Rochelle

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